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10x10 Energy Efficiency Initiative

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10x10 Final Report

On Monday, June 6, 2011 staff presented the Final Report of the 10x10 Initative to the Jackson Town Council and Board of County Commissioners. Click here to review the Report.


10x10 Jackson Hole Energy Efficiency Action Plan
Fall 2007
Executive Summary

In 2007, the Jackson Town Council and Board of Teton County Commissioners took action to improve energy efficiencies and reduce heat trapping gas emissions by forming an Energy Efficiency Advisory Board (EEAB) tasked with improving energy efficiency in local governmental operations. In order to provide focus for the newly formed Board, the Town and County adopted an aggressive energy reduction target for local government operations, committing to 10% reduction in electricity and fossil fuel use by the year 2010 (10x10).


Click on the link below to find out how we did on our 10x10 goals in the first quarter of 2010.

10x10 Scorecard


2010 March Newsletter

Survey Results and Data Issue

36% said you were carpooling to work.

8% of you are riding the START Bus regularly.

14% ride your bike to work

13% are walking to work

Office Pack – Not sure what to recycle in your office pack? Here are a few tips….YES to glossy inserts sent with billing statements, NO to sticky notes (unless you tear off the sticky part and it’s not bright paper), YES to manila file folders, NO to golden envelopes (many of these have metal clasps), YES to window envelopes, NO to overnight letter envelopes. Did You Know…. if you tear dark colored paper (like colorful file folders) and they are white inside YES they are recyclable.

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