Advisory Board

Advisory Board

  • Don Baker
  • Rani Carr  (Vice Chair)
  • Paul Cherry (Board Chair)
  • Kaitlyn (Katie) Creasey (Treasurer) 
  • Lindsey Ehinger 
  • Kahlynn Huck (Secretary) 
  • Steve Kaness
  • Fred Keller

ISWR Advisory Board meetings take place on the first Thursday of the month, 3-5pm, unless otherwise posted.

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November - November Agenda, November Staff Report, September Meeting Minutes, DashboardStats, WYDEQ Letter, Trihydro Letter

September - September Agenda, September Staff Report, July Meeting Minutes, Dashboard, Stats, Tonnage History, Strategic Plan, 2006 Final Strat Plan

July - July Agenda, July Staff Report, May Meeting Minutes, Dashboard, Hefty ReNew Presentation, Diversion Credit Model, Expanded Diversion Credit Model

May - May Agenda, May Staff Report, March Meeting Minutes, Dashboard, Stats as of 3-31-23

March - March Agenda, March Staff Report, Dashboard, FY2024 ISWR Recommended Fee Comparison, ISWR - FY24 Fund 30 Draft Expense Budget, ISWR - FY24 Fund 30 Draft Revenue Budget, 2023 R2ZW Public Art Contract, Hole Food Rescue Agreement_FY2023, Slow Food in the Tetons Agreement_FY2023

February (Special Meeting) - February Agenda, February Staff Report, Dashboard, Stats YTD Dec 2022, FY22 Audited Numbers and Balances Remaining, ISWR Waste Characterization Study 2022, February Special Meeting Minutes

January - January Agenda, January Staff Report, Dashboard, Stats YTD Nov 2022, ISWR FY22 Draft Financials, ISWR Waste Characterization Study 2022


January, March, May, July, September, November


February,  April, June, August, December


JanuaryFebruary, March staff report postponed, April,  May,  June,  July,  August,  September,  October , staff reports to coincide with Board meetings moving forward (no November staff report), December

To request archived ISWR Advisory Board documents please email