How To Replace Dishwasher Chemicals

Environmental Health inspectors have gone to many places and the staff has no idea how to properly change the chemicals and prime the line. They have also seen many dish machines not releasing the right concentration chlorine, but after a simple prime, they are working. Environmental Health Inspectors hope these steps will help food service workers keep their dish machines operating correctly. 

**These are basic instructions. Always refer to the manufacturer's recommendations.**

How to Replace Dishwasher Chemicals:

  1. Replace the empty chemical with a full container.
  2. Put the feeder line in the new chemical jug, ensuring it reaches the bottom.
  3. Use the chemical prime switch to suction the new chemical.
  4. Hold the chemical prime switch until you see that chemical pull up through the line and into the dish machine.
  5. Once the chemical is visibly dripping into the machine, let go of the chemical prime switch and empty the water currently in the dish machine.
  6. Refill the dishwasher and run a normal cycle.
  7. If replacing chlorine sanitizer, use test strips to ensure it is at the acceptable concentration of 50-100ppm.

Additional Information

  • Ensure you are using the correct chemical line when you change chemicals.
  • If unsure what is the correct line for the chemical, you can hold the "detergent" prime switch and see what color tube has chemical dispensing into the dish machine. You then know that color line is for the detergent.
  • It is important to have the correct chemical for the correct feed line as they are dispensed at different concentrations.
  • It is important to prime the chemical feed lines because if you don't, an air bubble in the line will prevent the line from dispensing at the proper concentration.