ServSafe®: Basic & Managers Food Safety Certification

Taking the ServSafe® Food Handler Course Online

This course is designed for all food service workers to take and will not fulfill the new mandatory Manager's education requirement. We encourage a proactive approach to food safety education and encourage all establishments to educate their staff with the basic food handler course that is offered in Teton County as well as online through the ServSafe® website. This course is designed to teach basic food safety to all staff but may be required for at least one person per shift based on inspection performance.

  1. Hit How to get started located below the Employee Training ServSafe® Food Handler box.
  2. Click the state of Wyoming located on the map of the United States.
  3. Click on Add to Shopping Cart in the ServSafe® Food Handler Online Course and Assessment box shown below Assessment box shown below.
  4. After completing the 40 question online assessment print your certificate and bring to an instructor to sign.
  5. This is a non-proctored test and you may complete it at your own pace.

Accessing ServSafe®

To access ServSafe®:

  1. Go to the ServSafe® website
  2. Create an account tab in upper right
  3. Go to New User box on right side and hit Create New Profile tab
  4. Fill out all boxes marked with a red asterisk
  5. Login with user name and password

Methods to Get Food Protection Manager Certification 

There are four methods to obtain Food Protection Manager Certification in Teton County:

  1. Participate in a locally scheduled class.
  2. Self-study with a book purchased from University of Wyoming Extension, online or borrowed from Teton County Library
  3. Purchase an online ServSafe® Manager's course from the ServSafe® website
  4. Challenge the exam
  1. Option 1. Local ServSafe® Managers Classes
  2. Option 2. Preparing for the ServSafe® Certification by Self-Study
  3. Option 3. Taking the Managers Food Safety Course Online
  4. Option 4. Challenge the Exam

Occasionally the manager's class will be offered here. This includes a full day of test preparation and the exam on paper. You may call University of Wyoming Extension office at 307-733-3087 to see if there are any upcoming classes offered. You will pay and sign up for the class through the Extension Office.

Further Information

For more information contact:

  • Mike Dart 307-732-8490
  • Wayne Cook 307-279-3536
  • Justine Logan 307-733-3087