Property Tax Refund Program

The State of Wyoming voted in March 2023 to update the 
2022 Property Tax Refund Program.

***The filing deadline is Monday, June 5, 2023*** 

Please note: This is for the State of Wyoming Property Tax Refund Program.  

More information regarding the County-Only option will be coming July 12, 2023.       Those applications will be due Monday, September 4, 2023.  The same rules will apply to the County-Only option.  

Pursuant to W.S.§ 39-13-109, eligible persons may apply for a refund of property taxes that were paid on time for the preceding calendar year.  Taxes paid are required to be upon the applicant’s principal residence.

Qualifying taxpayers may qualify if the applicant:

1. has been a resident of this state for the past five (5) years
2. has occupied their residence for not less than nine (9) months of the tax year 
3. their household income is equal to or less than the greater of 125% of the median household income for the state or county ($128,900 for Teton County) in which you reside as determined annually by the Economic Analysis Division of the WY Department of Administration and Information

There are certain asset limitations. Your total personal assets cannot exceed $150,000 per adult household member.  In other words, if you own other real estate, bank accounts and investments, they cannot value in excess of $150,000 per adult household member.  However, you may exclude the value of your home, a car for each adult household member, and any retirement accounts (IRA’s, 401K plans, Medical Savings, etc.).  
If your total property tax bill exceeds more than 10% of your total reported income, then this asset limit would not apply.

Applications can be dropped off at the Teton County Treasurer's Office, located at 200 S. Willow Street, by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, June 5, 2023, or they can be mailed to the Wyoming Department of Revenue--see application for more details.  

For more information on this program, visit the Wyoming Department of Revenue website: WY DOR or WY DOR Online Application Portal (open 04/01/23)

CLICK HERE for the 2022 State Property Tax Refund Brochure   CLICK HERE for the 2022 State Property Tax Refund Application