Electrical Permits, Inspections & Reviews

Electrical Permits

Electrical permits are required for all permanent wiring installed in buildings and structures and are issued for work to be completed as listed on the Electrical Permit Application. IT IS MANDATORY TO HAVE A PERMIT BEFORE WORK STARTS, OR A DOUBLE FEE WILL APPLY. 

The fee cost is based on the bid submitted for the electrical work to be performed and any additional work that is not included on the permit application will not be allowed and an additional permit will need to be pulled. You cannot schedule an electrical inspection without an electrical permit. 

For more information, contact Chief Electrical Inspector Butch Gosselin.

Types of Electrical Inspections

Types of electrical inspections include temporary service, service, rough wiring, and final. There is also a low voltage rough wiring and low voltage final.

To apply for an electrical permit you will need to go to the SmartGov Portal . You will need to create an account to be able to apply and see all of your electrical permits. 

Click on inspections to complete the online electrical inspection request form. 

A person working on an electric box.
A person working on an electric outlet.

Electrical Plan Review

An Electrical Plan review is required for industrial and commercial installations. Please provide a complete site plan, drawn to scale, showing property lines, streets and alleys, proposed building location and any other structures on site. Show the location of Lower Valley’s transformer and service equipment. Provide floor plans, drawn to scale with room dimensions and identify all rooms and their uses. A complete set of electrical plans will include one line diagram showing the following: