Wetland, Stream & River Setback Violations

The natural, wildlife and scenic resources found in Teton County are essential components of our community and they establish the character of our community. One way of protecting our resources is to keep setbacks of our waterbodies free from development. The required setback for development are:

  • Rivers: 150 feet
  • Streams: No less than 50 feet nor more than 150 feet depending on the riparian plant community
  • Wetlands: 30 feet
body of water with black tarp to contain runoff

Buffer Area

This buffer area is to remain free from all development, which includes any:

  • Clearing, grading or other movement of land
  • Construction activities
  • Mining, dredging, filling, grading, paving, excavation, or drilling operations
  • Public or private sewage disposal systems or water supply facilities
  • Storage, deposition, or excavation of materials
  • Structures, buildings or fences

The buffer area should also remain free from parking, open storage of vehicles, refuse or any other material.

Related Land Development Regulations

Contact Information

For more information on any code topics or other zoning issues, please stop by our offices at 200 South Willow Street in Jackson or call 307-733-3959. To report a violation, please go to this link.