I Wasn't Selected in the Lottery

Now What?

Stay Positive

While the happiest part of our job is calling someone and telling them that they have the opportunity to purchase a home, the toughest part is telling everyone else who entered the lottery that they do not. Depending on the particular home and how our economy is doing, there can be anywhere from one to fifty families who enter any given lottery. If you are one of those families, who don't get an opportunity to purchase, just keep entering lotteries and stay positive.

Stick With It

Our policies are designed to honor your commitment of continuing to try and get selected for an opportunity to purchase a home. The more lotteries you enter; the better chance you’ll have of getting into a home the next time. After you apply in lotteries three times where you’re in the top preference group, we will enter your name extra times in subsequent lotteries, depending on how many times you’ve entered. While this policy doesn’t guarantee that you will get into a home, it helps increase your chances in the lotteries.


Keep in mind that you should only enter in the lotteries for those homes that you’re truly interested in purchasing, since if you are provided an opportunity to purchase a home and you decline it, your lottery build-up will go back to being entered one time.