Taking the Mystery Out of the Lottery

For affordable and employment-based homes, we choose the homebuyer by a lottery. The lottery enables our program to maintain a completely fair and unbiased process. However, there are a few considerations that give a household extra weight in the lottery.


There are three considerations that we call preferences that earn extra weight in the lottery:

  1. Time working in Jackson, specifically, four years for affordable homes.
  2. Emergency services worker status.
  3. Having at least one person in your family per bedroom in the house for all homes that have three or more bedrooms.

We sort everyone who applies for a lottery into groups based on these preferences. Being in the top preference group gives you the best chance of purchasing the home.

Lottery Build-Up

To honor your commitment of applying with our program, after you apply in lotteries three times where you’re in the top preference group, we will enter your name extra times in subsequent affordable lotteries (not  employment-based), depending on how many times you’ve applied. For example, on your fifth lottery where you’ve been in the top preference for each lottery, we will enter your name three times. If we draw your name for a home and you decline it, your lottery build-up will go back to zero.

How to Jump In

To enter into a lottery for an affordable or employment-based home, you will submit a lottery entry sheet. You can pick one up either at the JTCAH office or online. Be sure to submit your lottery entry sheet before the deadline. You can either send it via email or fax, or you can drop it off at our office. Once the lottery closes, we compile a list of everyone who applied, separate the list into preference groups, and send it to our lawyer to draw the lottery.

Please note that you must have worked in Teton County for at least two years to be eligible for employment-based housing.