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Posted on: June 4, 2020

WY Region 8 Hazard Mitigation Plan

WY Region 8

After a nearly a year and a half of work, Teton County is releasing the Wyoming Region 8 Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan, which is available to the public at, has been approved by Teton County, the Town of Jackson, the Teton Conservation District, the State of Wyoming, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“We are very excited to release this plan,” said Rich Ochs, Coordinator for Teton County Emergency Management. “It provides some great insight to natural hazards present in our County and can help policymakers and the public make informed decisions about assessing risk.”

The plan consists of two main parts. The first is the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, which outlines the hazards profiled in the plan, provides historical context of each in Teton County, and explains a little bit of the science behind those hazards. While the second part outlines potential hazard mitigation projects that the community can undertake to help alleviate the impacts from these hazards.

“The intent of the plan is to focus on natural hazards like wildfires, floods, and winter storms,” said Ochs. “You won’t see threats like terrorism or pandemics in this plan, because that is outside the scope and can cause it to lose focus.”

The Hazard Mitigation Plan is over 500 pages, but much of that is documentation of the whole-community planning process and background demographic data.

“As a member of the general public, if I only looked at one emergency plan in my community, and especially if I just moved to a new community, it would be the Hazard Mitigation Plan,” Ochs advised. “This is the plan that will tell you what natural hazards a community faces, and then you can decide for you and your family what the best mitigation actions are.”

Personal mitigation actions can include getting adequate insurance, installing water heater earthquake straps, taking an emergency preparedness class, or getting a wildfire risk overview of your property.

Those with questions about the Hazard Mitigation Plan can contact Teton County Emergency Management at

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