Does Teton County use outdoor sirens for public warning?

Yes, we do. Teton County currently has outdoor warning sirens at the following locations from north to south:

  • Jackson Hole Airport
  • Teton Village
  • Teton Pines fire station
  • Downtown Wilson fire station
  • Downtown Jackson fire station
  • Teton County School District bus barn (Gregory Ln)
  • Adams Canyon fire station
  • Hoback fire station

Sirens will be activated if an event is believed to pose an immediate threat to life and/or property for a significant portion of the population. Examples are tornadoes, severe thunderstorms during large planned outdoor events, and hazardous materials releases to name a few. Sirens will have a typical hi/lo wail that will last 3 minutes for an emergency. When you hear this you should tune to NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio or local TV/radio for information on the emergency situation and instructions on what you should do.

Remember, these are outdoor warning sirens, which means they are not designed to penetrate buildings. If you live close enough, you may hear the siren indoors, but they are intended to warn people who are outside that an emergency situation exists. Sirens will be audibly tested during county-wide disaster drills that typically occur every 2-3 years. When sirens are audibly tested, they will only be activated for 1 minute or less to help differentiate tests from a real emergency. Remember, 1 minute or less of siren tone is a test, more than 1 minute is a real emergency.

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