I haven't received a Nixle SMS/email message in a long time. Is it still working?

Teton County Emergency Management uses Nixle to send SMS and email notifications for public safety issues that are considered the jurisdiction of Teton County or the Town of Jackson. If you haven't received a message in a while, there's a good chance it is because nothing has happened in these jurisdictions to require notifications, which is a good thing! State Highway closures, such as Teton Pass, Snake River Canyon, Teton Village Road, and others, are not Teton County nor the Town of Jackson's jurisdiction, which is why you don't typically get Nixle notifications about these events. You'll only get State Highway notifications if Teton County and/or Town of Jackson first responders are "in charge" of the closure, which is a rare occurrence. Luckily, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has a great website, phone app, and SMS/email notification service for all of their highways, including the ones listed above. Visit www.wyoroad.info to learn more. To learn more about Emergency Management's policy on Nixle notifications, check out this document.

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12. I haven't received a Nixle SMS/email message in a long time. Is it still working?
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