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Commissioners Set Strategic Goals for 2017

Released : January 20, 2017
Commissioners Set Strategic Goals for 2017

Contact: Cindy Harger, Public Information Specialist
Phone: 307-732-5786
Email: charger@tetonwyo.org

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As 2017 gets underway, the Teton County Board of County Commissioners has identified its strategic priorities for the year.


In a bi-annual retreat at the county’s Emergency Operations Center at Adams Canyon last week, commissioners dedicated a day to not only discussing their roles and responsibilities on the board, but to reviewing their strategic plan and defining priorities for the months ahead. In doing so, they reaffirmed four major priorities, and they added a new area of emphasis. The strategic areas of focus are:


  • Transportation -- continuing to implement the Integrated Transportation Plan adopted in 2015;

  • Land Development Regulations – to complete ongoing LDR updates to reflect the goals of the Teton County Comprehensive Plan;

  • Workforce housing – continuing to implement the community Housing Action Plan begun in 2015;

  • Public engagement – to continue to implement the board’s Communications Plan and encourage civic participation; and

  • Health and human services – A new focus area to look at Teton County’s quality of life from a health and well-being perspective.


“Teton County has always supported health and human services programs, but now more than ever, these issues may bubble up to us and require our attention,” Chair Mark Newcomb said of the new area of strategic focus, which is listed as No. 5 in the non-ranked list above.


Commissioner Natalia D. Macker requested the new strategic goal, in part because the county’s health and human services agencies may be facing dramatic state and federal funding cuts in future months and years, yet the need for those services will still exist. “I am grateful for the leadership of my fellow commissioners in supporting health and human services as one of our areas of focus,” she said. “I look forward to working with all of the people and organizations in this arena to save lives and keep families whole and healthy.”


 “I was very impressed,” Commissioner Smokey Rhea said. “This was not one person looking at the community as a whole; I felt like there were five strong voices there saying that this is what we want. It made my day.”


“A focus on health and human services is critical —especially as critical ‘safety net’ services which are being threatened by state cuts,” Commissioner Paul Vogelheim said. “Our community’s workforce housing and transportation plans need to be implemented. In particular, as traffic congestion surges, we need to provide the leadership to deliver the solutions outlined in our Integrated Transportation Plan.”


The newest member of the board, Commissioner Greg Epstein, said he was looking forward to being part of the team that is tackling many important and challenging decisions ahead. “In these uncertain times with Wyoming's budget cuts, I’m proud that the commissioners prioritized the health and human services as an essential component of our community,” Epstein said.


In coming weeks, board and staff are expected to further develop the ideas and opportunities identified in the retreat. Commissioners expect to hold a follow-up meeting in the spring to discuss each of the strategic areas of focus in further detail.

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