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April 28, 2017

Special County Commissioners Meeting
When: 4/28, 10:00 AM
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4/28 : Special County Commissioners Meeting
Location: Teton County Administration Building
Time: 10:00 AM
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5/1 : BCC Weekly Calendar
Location: Teton County Administration Building
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5/1 : County Commissioners Voucher Meeting
Location: Teton County Administration Building
Time: 9:00 AM
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5/1 - 5/2 : Joint Information Meeting with Town Council
Location: Town Hall
Time: 2:00 PM
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5/2 : County Commissioners Regular Meeting
Location: Teton County Administration Building
Time: 9:00 AM
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Spring Gulch Road / Highway 22 Intersection

UPDATED: Monday, November 3, 2014

Phase I of the reconstruction of the Spring Gulch Road and Highway 22 Intersection was completed in late October.  The slip-lane has been re-installed, a partial right turn lane from Spring Gulch Road to Highway 22 has been constructed, and the entire intersection is temporarily paved in accordance with WYDOT standards. 

Phase II will include widening and lengthening of the right turn lane onto Highway 22, the installation of curb and gutter, and final pavement.  Over the next several months, county engineering staff will monitor intersection operations and consult with WYDOT and Spring Gulch Road users. If significant changes are warranted, staff will modify the final design and present their recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners during a public meeting.  Phase II is scheduled for completion in June, 2015.  


Updated Tuesday, October 21-The "slip lane" onto Spring Gulch Road, from Highway 22 is now open.  The right turn lane from Spring Gulch Road, heading west onto Highway 22 will open soon! 

Updated Wednesday, September 24-Earlier this week, the Board of County Commissioners approved
reconstruction of the Spring Gulch Road and Highway 22 intersection to address access issues for both
vehicular and non-motorized travelers.

The Board approved Alternative 1 listed below which includes the reinstallation of the historic “slip lane”, with some modifications to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians, while improving access for larger truck traffic.  The project will begin this week with construction staking followed by construction crews beginning work early next week.  Construction is scheduled for completion by October 31st. 

The first phase of the project will include the installation of the slip lane and a right turn lane from Spring Gulch Road onto Highway 22, westbound.  Due to time constraints the slip lane and right turn lane will be installed this fall with temporary pavement, until spring when the permanent pavement can be placed.  Phase two will be completed in spring, 2015 and will include

Temporary one-lane road closures are anticipated on Spring Gulch Road throughout the construction period.  No closures are expected on Highway 22. 

Updated Monday 9/15 - At the Board of County Commissioners’ Regular Meeting on August 26th, staff presented their recommended alternative for consideration for a redesign of the Spring Gulch Road and Highway 22 Intersection.  


After discussion, the Board directed staff to prepare a design that reinstalls the "slip lane" alternative and bring both alternatives (staff recommended and slip lane), along with firm cost estimates to them for consideration.  


Staff  will present these two options on Tuesday, September 16th. 


The meeting begins at 9:00am in the Commissioners’ Chambers in the County Administration Building. You will also be able to listen to the live audio of the meeting.


The County Engineer's Staff Report for the September 16th meeting


Alternative 1


Alternative 2


The agenda and  live streaming link to the meeting