Teton County Wyoming

Clerk of District Court

Phone: (307) 733-2533
Fax: (307) 734-1562

Teton County Courthouse, Second Floor
180 South King Street
8 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday




USPS Mailing Address:
Clerk of District Court
P.O. Box 4460
Jackson, WY  83001


FedEx/UPS Delivery Address:
Clerk of District Court
180 S. King St
Jackson, WY  83001




Agency Services
Official Duties
The Clerk of District Court is responsible for accurately and effectively processing and managing the case files and court records of the Ninth Judicial District Court, Teton County and providing reliable public information and customer service in a timely manner to any person who requests assistance.

The Clerk has many duties, which include the processing of cases, child support and other court-ordered payments as well as the administration of appeals and jury trials. 

For Misdemeanor Offenses-Traffic Citations-Other Tickets Please Call

Either the Teton County Circuit Court at 307-733-7713 or CLICK HERE or Town of Jackson Municipal Court at 307-733-3932 x1152 or CLICK HERE.

Your ticket, citation or court document should reference which Court to contact.

Obtaining Legal Advice

The Clerk of District Court's Office is dedicated to efficiently and effectively assisting the citizens of Teton County and all other individuals or agencies in need of our services. However, Wyoming Statute 5-3-213 prohibits the Clerk of Court or Deputy Clerks to give legal advice. If you are in need of legal assistance you may contact the following organizations:

Equal Justice Wyoming (formerly Wyoming Center for Legal Aid)
Click Here to be redirected.
Ph: (877) 432-9955

University of Wyoming Legal Clinic
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Ph: (307) 766-2104

Wyoming State Bar
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Ph: (307) 632-9061

Legal Aid of Wyoming
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Ph: (877) 432-9955


Teton County Clerk of Court Staff:

Anne C. Sutton,

Clerk of Court

Debbie Hassler,

Senior Deputy Clerk

Caryl Williamson,

Senior Deputy Clerk

Jill Smith, Deputy Clerk

Natalie Wight, Deputy Clerk





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