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The Jackson/Teton County Long Range Planning is a joint department of the Town of Jackson and Teton County that addresses long-term planning issues in the community.

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Tyler Sinclair

Director of Planning



Alex Norton

Town/County Long-Range Planner



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Town/County Long-Range Associate Planner



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 Updates & News

Request for Qualifications: Public Engagement Coordinator Tues, Feb. 21

The Town of Jackson and Teton County intend to enter into a contract with a consult who will provide services that unite and/or coordinate the public engagement requirements of 5 different regulation update projects. The 5 projects are all related to varying degrees, but will have separate project managers and unique content experts. The purpose of hiring a single public engagement coordinator is to ensure the necessary public engagement happens for each project so that all projects are complete by July 2018; and to be respectful of the public’s time by coordinating engagement and information release across all projects.



Website Updates Thurs, Feb. 9

Long-Range Planning Staff are working to improve the Jackson/Teton County Long-Range website. This may include incremental changes over several months. Your patience while we work towards these changes is appreciated! Contact Regan at rkohlhardt@tetonwyo.org if you need help finding any information.


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