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The Jackson/Teton County Long Range Planning is a joint department of the Town of Jackson and Teton County that addresses long-term planning issues in the community.

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Planners seeking housing requirements specialist; release Request for Proposals

Released : March 13, 2017
Planners seeking housing requirements specialist; release Request for Proposals

Contact: Alex Norton
Phone: 307-733-3959
Email: anorton@tetonwyo.org

Teton County and the Town of Jackson intend to enter into a contract with a consult who will provide services related to the update of the requirements in the County and Town Land Development Regulations (LDRs) that developers must provide housing as part of new development to mitigate the need for housing generated by development. The purpose of the Housing Requirements LDR Update is to align the requirements in the LDRs with the community’s housing policies as stated in the Comprehensive Plan and Housing Action Plan.

View the full Request for Proposals (RFP)

View April 2, 2017 RFP Addendum

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