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Jackson/Teton County Long-Range Planning

The Jackson/Teton County Long Range Planning is a joint department of the Town of Jackson and Teton County that addresses long-term planning issues in the community.

Annual Indicator Reports

2017 Report 

2016 Report

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Tyler Sinclair

Director of Planning



Alex Norton

Town/County Long-Range Planner



Regan Kohlhardt

Town/County Long-Range Associate Planner




Community Monitoring

Annual Indicator Reports   

Each spring, the community monitors a series of 19 indicators to gauge our progress towards achieving the 2012 Comprehensive Plan’s vision. Our community’s performance on each of these indicators determines the annual Comprehensive Plan Implementation Work Plan.  

Indicators from the 2017 Indicator Report are shown below, ordered by Comprehensive Plan Values:

  Ecosystem Stewardship

 Location of Residential Development (Goal: > than 60% in Complete Neighborhoods)

 Location of Residential Potential (Goal: > than 60% in Complete Neighborhoods)

Permanently Conserved Land (Goal: Increase)

Energy Load (Goal: Maintain)

Wildlife Vehicle Collisions (Goal: Decrease)

 Growth Management

Growth by Use (Goal: Monitor)

Effective Population (Goal: Monitor)

•  Buildout (Goal: <1994 Levels)

 Monitoring & Evaluation (Goal: Complete)

 Redevelopment vs New Construction (Goal: Monitor. Not monitored at this time).

  Quality of Life

• Local Workforce Percentage (Goal: >65%)

Housing Affordability (Goal: Monitor)

Workforce Housing Stock (Goal: Monitor)

Jobs/Housing Balance (Goal: Monitor)

Lodging Occupancy (Goal: Increase)

Employment by Sector (Goal: Monitor)

Traffic - Vehicle Miles Traveled (Goal: <525 million in '24)

Road Corridor Improvement Benchmarks

START Annual Ridership (Goal: >1.8 million by '24)

Active Transportation Use (Goal: >18% by '24)

• Level of Service (Goal: Monitor). Definitions and metrics have not been set. As a result, Staff does not monitor Levels of Service currently.


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