Teton County Wyoming

Court Supervised Treatment Program

Phone: (307) 732-5778
Fax: (307) 733-4775

P.O. Box 2906
185 S. Willow St., 2nd Floor
8 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday


Mission Statement

The program's mission is to improve community health and safety by increasing sobriety, reducing recidivism, increasing retention in treatment, and coordinating services that support long term recovery while reducing the financial burden of these offenders on the community.

Agency Services
Court Supervised Treatment Program

The Court Supervised Treatment Program operates in accordance with Wyoming State Statutes 5-12-101 through 5-12-103 and 7-13-1601 through 7-16-1615. The program provides Teton County's criminal justice system an important research-based alternative to lengthy incarceration sentences or standard probation for repeat substance abuse-related offenses. The program began in April 2004 and provides a non-adversarial courtroom atmosphere in which a single judge and a dedicated team of probation, treatment, family support, defense, prosecution, and law enforcement professionals review cases and work with participants to break the cycle of drug abuse and criminal behavior. Participants spend a minimum of twelve months in the program during which they appear regularly before the program team and must complete four program phases that emphasize treatment, personal accountability, sobriety, community safety, pro-social activities, and giving back to the community.

Participating agencies include the Teton County District Court, the Teton County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, the State of Wyoming Public Defender's Office, the Wyoming Department of Corrections Field Services Division, Curran-Seeley Foundation, Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center, Wyoming Department of Family Services, and the Jackson Police Department. Funding is provided by Wyoming Department of Health: Behavioral Health Division, Teton County, Town of Jackson, and program participant fees.

For more information and program application materials, please contact Anpeytu Raben, Program Coordinator, at 732-5778 or araben@tetonwyo.org.