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June-August 2014 Newsletter

Teton Weekly Bulletin

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  Photo by Elizabeth McCabe

2014 Teton County Fair 4-H Static Award Winners

Grand Champion Junior 4-H Cake Decorating    Cora Schwabacher
Reserve Champion Junior 4-H Cake Decorating    Alexandra Gingery
Reserve Champion Intermediate 4-H Cake Decorating    Brayden Levanduski 
Grand Champion Intermediate 4-H Cake Decorating    Ashley Brimeyer
Grand Champion Senior 4-H Cake Decorating    Bailie Welfl
Reserve Champion Senior 4-H Cake Decorating    Molly Moyer

Grand Champion Junior 4-H Citizenship    Emma Watkins
Grand Champion Intermediate 4-H Citizenship    Ryley Hasenack
Grand Champion Senior 4-H Citizenship    Emilie Gocke

Grand Champion 4-H Clothing Construction    Kayli Genzer
Reserve Champion 4-H Clothing Construction    Kate Budge
Grand Champion 4-H Fashion Revue    Molly Moyer
Reserve Champion 4-H Fashion Revue     Kate Budge

Grand Champion Intermediate 4-H Foods    Bella Morris

Grand Champion 4-H Animal Project    Jordan Lutz
Reserve Champion 4-H Animal Project    Hailey Hardeman

Grand Champion Junior 4-H Photography    Hailee Brinton
Grand Champion Intermediate 4-H Photography    Henry Horstmann
Grand Champion Senior 4-H Photography    Peter Prestrud

Grand Champion Junior 4-H Quilting    Katie Kuhns
Grand Champion Intermediate 4-H Quilting    Lilly Brazil
Grand Champion Senior 4-H Quilting    Clara Delahaye

Grand Champion 4-H Shooting Sports    Spencer Berezay
Reserve Champion 4-H Shooting Sports    Henry Berezay

Grand Champion Junior 4-H Sportsfishing    Nevin Griber
Reserve Champion 4-H Junior Sportsfishing    Henry Berezay
Grand Champion Intermediate 4-H Sportsfishing    Spencer Berezay
Reserve Champion 4-H Intermediate Sportsfishing    Julia Mahood
Grand Champion Senior 4-H Sportsfishing    Trever Swink

Grand Champion 4-H Wildlife    William Carlson

Grand Champion 4-H Youth Leadership    Kylie Anderson
Reserve Champion 4-H Youth Leadership    Bailie Welfl

Grand Champion 4-H Visual Arts    Peter Prestrud

Champion - Judge's Choice Buymanship    Molly Moyer
Grand Champion - Dog Static Exhibit    Emily Mahood
Reserve Champion - Dog Static Exhibit   Joni Moyer
Champion - Pocket Pet Static Exhibit    Ella Watkins

Sign up for 4-H!

Want to learn how to quilt, ride horses, raise steer, shoot a shotgun, and much more? Consider joining 4-H! Please call us for more information! 307.733.3087


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Family Handbook for Teton County 4-H*

Below is a list of the projects currently available for 4-H Members
Click on the project name to read a description of that project.

*Archery  *Breeding Beef    *Breeding Sheep    *Breeding Swine   
Cake Decorating    *Cats    *Cavies   *Citizenship    *Dogs   
*Fashion Sewing   *Guitar  *
*Knitting  *
Leadership   *Lego *Market Beef   
Market Sheep    *Market Swine   *Market Goats     
Photography    *Poultry    *Quilting   *Rabbits  *Rainbow Loom
Recreation (Clogging)    *Rifle    *Self-Determined  
Shotgun   *Sportfishing    *Wildlife

 To learn more about the importance of 4-H and how it has served local youth watch the trailer for “Revolution of Responsibility” created by 4-H member Peter Prestrud. The full video will be released in the coming weeks. 


We need Volunteers! Would you like to be a part of helping teach kids
important values, all while having fun doing an activity you love? If you would like to volunteer please contact Justine or Kaitlyn at 307-733-3087 or email us at jlogan@tetonwyo.org .
Clubs we need leaders for:

*Aerospace   *Child Development    *Computers    *Crocheting
*Dairy Cattle    *Dairy Goats    *Electricity    *Entomology   *Gardening    
*Geology    *GIS/GPS    *Health    *Horse Judging    *Horticulture    *Hunting
*Interior Design  *Leather Craft    *Livestock Judging   *Meats Judging   *Muzzle Loading    
*Nature and Ecology    *Pistol    *Pocket Pets    *Range Management 
*Robotics   *Rope Craft    *Vegetable Judging   *Veterinary Science  
 *Visual Arts    *Web Pages    *Woodworking    *Wool Judging

This is your chance to start a new 4-H Club or take over an existing club!