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1. What are the climatic and geographic design criteria for Teton County?
2. Does a change in building code require me to retrofit my building?
3. Do I need a building permit to build a wood deck?
4. Is a building permit needed for storage shed?
5. Who is responsible for scheduling inspections?
6. If I call in an inspection when will the inspector show up?
7. Can I schedule inspections online?
8. Do I have to be present at an inspection I schedule?
9. Do I need a building permit to pour concrete flat work (driveways, walkways, etc.)?
10. When is a certificate of occupancy (CO)/certificate of completion required?
11. It`s the middle of winter, the house is done but I can`t finish the site work (grading or landscaping). Can I get a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) now and get my final site work inspection(s) later?