Finding a Home

This community has made it a priority to maintain at least 65% of its workforce living locally. That means if you work in Teton County, Wyoming, there are many housing choices available - from rental to ownership, market to restricted, apartment to single-family home.  The Housing Department supports working families and individuals that share our community values and have chosen to make Jackson Hole their home.

Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department's Role

There are many types of housing currently serving as workforce housing in our community. However, the gap between what is affordable to working families and the prices of homes is still very large. The Housing Department implements the Land Development Regulations that require the production of affordable ownership units and rental units with each new residential and commercial development.

The Housing Department also produces affordable housing for households with incomes where we see the most need. 

Stewardship of all of these units is the Housing Department's responsibility as well. Good stewardship of the units will ensure that they will remain a community asset for many generations.