Special Requests

Requests for Approval

The Restrictions recorded on your property or the Ground Lease you signed with JTCAH include rules about use and occupancy of your home. These rules are there so that your home, which is also a community asset because it has been subsidized by the taxpayers in order to make it affordable to you, will be used in a way that will be of benefit to you and also to the community. JTCAH recognizes that situations occur in people's lives that may cause the need to overstep the rules. In cases such as this, please request approval from JTCAH. If you overstep the rules without approval from JTCAH, you will be in default of your restrictions, which could result in you being required to sell your home. Please request approval from JTCAH before overstepping any part or your Restrictions or Ground Lease. You will find forms for making such requests on the Forms page.

Exceptions, Appeals and Grievances

If you make a request to JTCAH that is denied, you can file for an Appeal. If you feel there is a compelling reason why criteria in JTCAH's Guidelines should be modified for you, you can file for an Exception. If you have a dispute with an action or failure to act by JTCAH, you can file a Grievance. To learn more click here.

Capital Improvements

If you wish to receive credit for improvements that you would like to make to your home, you must receive prior approval from JTCAH. To learn more, click here.