TCHA Forms




Lottery Entry Forms (to enter a lottery that fits your households qualifications, please submit a lottery entry sheet, lenders qualification worksheet & current credit report, and the home buyer education certificate)

Lottery Entry Form

Lender's Qualification Form

Application Forms (a complete application is only necessary after you have been selected in a lottery for first option to purchase a home)

Application Checklist


Employment Affidavit for Current Employment

Employment Affidavit for Previous Employment

Information Contact Form

Lender's Qualification Form

Hoback Cabins Application

Home Selling Forms

Letter of Intent to Sell - Affordable or Employment Based

Letter of Intent to Sell - Attainable

Property Disclosure Form for Sellers

TCHA's Expectations at Final Inspection

Request Forms

Owner Request to Rent Form

Owner Request for Leave of Absence Form

Owner Request for Capital Improvement Credit

Request for Exception Form

Request for Appeal Form

Request for Grievance Form

Request for Transfer of Title Form