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The Great Jackson Eclipse

Released : February 21, 2017
The Great Jackson Eclipse

Contact: Jill Harkness
Phone: 307-732-5762
Email: Jharkness@tetonwyo.org




The first Total Solar Eclipse to visit the U.S. in 38 years will occur on Monday, August 21, 2017. Jackson Hole could offer one of the best places in the nation to view the total eclipse, "totality," which will last for just two minutes and thirty seconds anywhere in the U.S. If skies are clear, the eclipse promises to be a spectacular astronomical event. Samuel Singer, Executive Director of Wyoming Stargazing, will explore: the documented history of solar eclipses; the science behind solar eclipses; and why they’re so rare compared to lunar eclipses.


Public safety agencies have been planning since 2015 for the Total Solar Eclipse. One issue that has come up is increasing community resilience to help limited public safety resources cope with the surge in visitors. Businesses, residents and community organizations all need to be aware of the magnitude of this event and prepare accordingly.


Rich Ochs from Teton County Emergency Management will discuss our public safety planning efforts, issues the community may face, and simple steps locals can take to best prepare for this once in a lifetime event.


This program is offered in collaboration with Wyoming Stargazing, Teton County Emergency Management, Teton County Library and Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation.


This program is scheduled on Thursday, March 2, 2017,

from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Teton County Library.

The program is free of charge.

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