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2017 Pathway Construction - Path 22 and South Park Loop

Released : May 12, 2017
2017 Pathway Construction - Path 22 and South Park Loop

Contact: Brian Schilling, Town of Jackson/Teton County Pathways Coordinator
Phone: (307) 732-8573
Email: bschilling@tetonwyo.org


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Jackson, WY, May 12, 2017 – Construction crews are expected to resume work on the final segments of the South Park Loop and Path 22 pathway projects on Monday, May 15th. The two pathway projects were started last year but were not fully completed in the 2016 construction season by the contractor, CM Owen. Crews plan to start on the section along WY22 west of Spring Gulch on Monday the 15th, and construction managers expect that it will take approximately 2-3 weeks to finish the remaining work items on Path 22. These items include final preparation and paving of a short section of pathway, driveway repair, re-alignment of a pathway intersection, striping and signage, and topsoil placement.


Work on South Park Loop between Melody Ranch and 3 Creek is planned to start on or about May 17th, with the majority of the construction activity occurring during the last two weeks of May. Items include asphalt repair and replacement to a section of pavement placed last fall that did not meet specification, fence repair, topsoil placement, and project cleanup. Sections of the pathway between Melody Ranch and 3 Creek may be closed temporarily while crews are working in the area.


Both projects are expected to be fully completed by June 1st.


Questions may be directed to:
Brian Schilling, Teton County Pathways Coordinator at (307) 732-8573 or bschilling@tetonwyo.org.?

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