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Teton County Administration Building, top floor
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Building Division 733-7030

Inspection Request Line 732-5745

Does a change in building code require me to retrofit my building?
The applicable building code that outlines the construction requiresments for a building in Teton County is the code that was in existence when the building permit was issued.  The building is not subject to any changes to the building code that may occure during construction or after construction is completed.

How does the Building Code affect Short Term Rentals?
Any building located within the resort districts of Teton Village, the Aspens, Teton Shadows, Golf Creek, Teton Pines, Spring Creek Ranch, Crescent H "Fish Lodges" and the Cabins at Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis that was permitted prior to September 14th, 2004 as a single family dwelling, duplex or townhouse could then, and may still be used for transient lodging.

2012 ICC codes have been adopted and in effect since April 1, 2014 

To view the new code click HERE.

Electronic Applications Now Available
Applicants can now fill out Planning and Development applications electronically! Not only can you access all Planning and Development applications online, but you can type and even spell check your information in those applications as well.  Building applications are availableHERE.