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Network of Care Launched

Released : July 10, 2017
Network of Care Launched

Contact: Rachael Wheeler, MPH

Phone: 307-732-8446

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Jackson, WY, July 10, 2017- Healthy Teton County launches Network of Care today, a comprehensive online platform that provides an up-to-date directory of community health care resources and social services. The goal of this project is to improve access to care, increase coordination between providers, and reduce duplication of services.  When accessing the site (, community members, health care providers, and area visitors will find a resource directory and up-to-date health data for Teton County.

The resource directory will provide detailed information about the services provided by health providers and social services agencies in Teton County. The directory will be searchable by agency, type of service needed, health topic and more.  Translation into Spanish along with 50+ other languages is available.  Over 170 health indicators from validated county-level data sets will also be available on the database and will be updated in real-time as new data sets become available.

In 2015, the Healthy Teton County (HTC) Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) identified Access to Healthcare as the primary health need in Teton County.  HTC is a community health initiative led by Teton County Public Health and St. John’s Medical Center, with participation from over 25 local organizations.  HTC also created action groups and implementation plans for all of the top ten identified health issues in Teton County.  The HTC Access to Healthcare Action Group identified a well-informed and interconnected healthcare network as one essential step to improving access to healthcare.  “It’s very exciting to see this year long project completed,” stated Public Health Director, Jodie Pond.  Pond went on to say, “This web based resource will be extremely easy to access and provide up-to-date health and social service information for the community.”

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