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Planners Seek Proposals for Parking Study

Released : January 05, 2017
Planners Seek Proposals for Parking Study

Contact: Alex Norton, Joint Long-Range Planner
Phone: (307) 732-8486
Email: anorton@TetonWyo.org


Jackson/Teton County long-range planners are embarking on a study regarding parking supply, effectiveness and efficiency.


Officials are seeking proposals for a parking analysis and management study. The study will focus on the residential and commercial areas of town that are outside of the Downtown Core by analyzing the existing parking conditions, identifying potential parking alternatives and providing management strategies to improve parking supply, effectiveness and efficiency.


The primary goal of the study is to develop a comprehensive parking management plan that balances town character, land use, transit, and operations within physical and budgetary constraints. 


Proposals are due Jan. 24. For details, please visit the following link: 


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