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Expanded Plastic Bag and Wrap Recycling in Teton County

Released : January 03, 2014
Expanded Plastic Bag and Wrap Recycling in Teton County

Contact: Mac Dukart
Phone: 307-733-7678
Email: mdukart@tetonwyo.org

Contact:  Mac Dukart, Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling 

Expanded Plastic Bag and Wrap Recycling in Teton County

January 3, 2013.  Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling (ISWR) is pleased to announce that, in addition to grocery bags, it is now accepting other types of plastic bags and wrap to be recycled.  

A general rule of thumb is that if the plastic bag or film is flexible – stretches when you poke your finger into it, rather than rips - it can be recycled.  Examples of this type of plastic film include:

• Clean (no food residue), dry plastic bags labeled #2 or #4
• Plastic grocery bags
• Plastic produce bags
• Plastic bread bags
• Food storage bags, such as Ziploc bags
• Bubble wrap - please deflate before recycling
• Plastic dry cleaning bags
• Plastic packaging from napkins, paper towels, bathroom tissues and diapers 
• Plastic packing materials - sealed air pillows used for package shipping – please deflate before recycling 
• Visqueen-type plastic sheeting – Clear only, no black.  Must be clean (no paint) and dry.  Please bring large quantities to the Recycling Center. 

Residents may place clean, dry, empty plastic bags/film/wrap in the grocery bag compartment of the big blue recycling bins at all seven community recycling sites, as well as at the Community Recycling Center in the containers marked “plastic grocery bags.”

Examples of plastic film that cannot be recycled:
• NO BLACK trash bags
• NO frozen food bags
• NO prewashed salad mix bags
• NO chip bags, including tortilla chip bags
• NO biodegradable plastic bags (which are oftentimes green)
• NO rigid plastics

What happens to the plastic bags, wrap and film that are recycled?
These materials are recycled into many different products.  Most plastic bags are recycled into composite lumber.  This material can also be processed into small pellets, or post-consumer resin, which can become feed stock for a variety of products, including new bags, pallets, containers, crates, and pipe.  

Call the Teton County Recycling Center at 733-7678 with any questions.  Thanks for recycling!



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