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Hole Food Rescue

Hole Food Rescue

There is a new initiative in Jackson Hole whose aim is to add an important, sensible facet to our current food disposal system. Hole Food Rescue is working through Jackson Hole Cupboard. Right now they are focusing on relocating food “waste.” Hole Food Rescue goes about this by collecting food from donors throughout town and redistributing the food to community groups that provide food to those in need. The food that is being donated is near the expiration date, the item has been over ordered or the food has slight aesthetic problems.  If food is beyond edible it is then given to local farmers who use the food waste to feed their pigs or for compost. Since the launch of Hole Food Rescue on June 24, 2013, they have relocated 8,493.35 lbs of food (as of August 22nd). Food is being donated by Jackson Whole Grocer, Albertsons, Saturday Farmers Market and Persephone Bakery.  Food is being relocated to Jackson Cupboard, Good Samaritan Mission, Latino Resource Center, Community Safety Network and the Senior Center of Jackson Hole. 1,848 pounds of that food is being sent to be composted (composting started on July 27, 2013). The food being sent to compost is coming from the grocery stores, as well as Nick Wilson’s in Teton Village. Food is being composted at two local farms that feed the produce to their pigs, chickens, and goats, as well as their compost pile: Haderlie Farms (Thayne, WY) and Generation Farms (Victor, ID).  

In the nature of being sustainable, Hold Food Rescue is also working to reduce carbon emissions. They are doing this by delivering the food from donor to recipient via bike and trailer. This entire project has been a volunteer initiative and warmly welcomed into the community. As of now, the Hole Food Rescue is being operated by 12 volunteers and is eagerly seeking more. Contact alison.dunford89@gmail.com for more information.