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What is a Zero Waste household?                                                               

Having a zero waste household means making every effort to reduce the amount of material that is sent to the landfill. The best place to start is with the 3 R's

Reduce - reduce simply means to use less.

Reuse - reuse means to repair, repurpose, donate and get the most use out of your materials before you throw them away.

After your household has done what it can to reduce and reuse, the next step is to Recycle- recycle means to create new goods from previously used materials. For example, aluminum cans that are made from recycled aluminum require 96% less energy to manufacture than cans made from newly mined, raw materials.  

Talk about it with your family over dinner tonight! And let us know if you have any questions.


What zero waste resources are available (or coming soon!) to Teton County households? 


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