Teton County Wyoming

Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling

Transfer Facility Tip Fees

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 Material  Price
 Clean Fill (Dirt)   Free- call for availability
 Concrete   $70/ ton 
 Construction or Demolition  Debris   $115/ ton 
 Dead Animals   $50/ ton

 Construction Wood Waste

  (Includes dimensional lumber, plywood

   and OSB ONLY)

  $70/ ton
 Yard and Landscaping Waste   $70/ ton
 Manure/ Sod   $45/ ton
 Refrigeration Units    $35 per unit for Freon Removal 
 Scrap Metal/ Wire   No Charge
 Small Motorized Units    No Charge

  Automotive and Truck Tires:

  $5/ tire/ up to 17"

  $12/ tire/ 17" and up 

  Large Equipment Tires and Bulk Pricing:

  $275/ ton

  Trash (Landfill bound MSW)   $115/ ton