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9 AM - 6 PM, Monday through Friday (office hours)

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5/1 : Advisory Board Meeting
Location: Teton County Administration Building, Commissioners Chambers
Time: 3:00- 5:00

5/6 : Household Hazardous Waste
Location: Teton County Recycling Center
Time: 8-4
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5/20 : Household Hazardous Waste
Location: Teton County Recycling Center
Time: 8-4
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5/29 : Finance Committee
Location: Teton County Recycling Center
Time: 3:00- 5:00

6/3 : Household Hazardous Waste Collection
Location: Teton County Recycling Center
Time: 8-4
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The Trash Transfer Station is located at Horsetheif Canyon, approximately four miles south of Jackson on US26/89/191 on the east side of the road.

ISWR Office: 733-7678

Transfer Station Hours of Operation
Summer: Monday- Friday 7am-3pm
Saturday 9am-1pm
(Mid-May- Mid- October)

Winter: Monday- Friday 8am-3pm
Saturday 9am-1pm
(Mid-October - Mid- May)




Clean Fill (Dirt)




Construction or Demolition Debris


Dead Animals


Dimensional Lumber






Refrigeration Units


+ $35 per unit

for Freon removal

Scrap Metal/Wire


Small Motorized Units:

snowmobiles, lawn-mowers, etc.



$5/tire/up to 17”

$7/tire/up to 17”w/rims

$12/ tire/17” & up

$200/ton bulk





Can I set up a charge account?

Charge accounts can be established for customers who frequently use the facility. The application form and payment policy can be obtained by contacting Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling at (307) 733-7678, or download the application:
ISWR Charge Acct Application 2011.pdf

ISWR Payment Policy: ISWR Payment Policy 2011.pdf

Do you take credit cards?

The Transfer facility accepts Mastercard/Visa credit cards.


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Options for trash picki-up in Teton County

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