Teton County Wyoming

Human Services Agencies

Phone: 307-732-5756

Please look under "Contacts" for specific agency information.

Mission Statement
Every Teton County resident or worker, every time, will receive exactly the Human Services he or she needs without barriers or stigmas, at exactly the right time, with no waste, in an atmosphere of absolute mental, physical, spiritual, and legal safety, for all concerned- clients, families, and service providers.
Agency Services
The Human Service Systems of Care includes any of the community’s Human Service providers with an interest in optimizing Human Service delivery through enhanced inter-organization coordination. The term “Systems of Care” has been defined as infrastructure with the purpose of using resources efficiently to best serve the clients and community needs as they relate to Human Services. Through greater mutual understanding and programming coordination, the current available resources including, but not limited to, information, professional capabilities and funding, can be fine-tuned to meet the immediate and future needs of the community.

Statement of Ideal
The Systems of Care participants have worked with Sustaining Jackson Hole to create our Mission Statement, which is our Statement of Ideal.