Town & County

The local governments of Teton County and the Town of Jackson are responsible for 40% of the funds collected through the lodging tax. The funds are designated by State statute whereby 30% of funds are to be used to address visitor impact services while 10% of the funds may be used to support general government services. Each organization’s proportion of funding is calculated based on collection location, for example lodging tax generated in the Town is distributed to the Town and tax revenue generated in the county is allocated to the county.  

Teton County allocates its portion of Visitor Impact Services Funds (30%) to support Parks and Recreation, Pathways and Pathways maintenance, and START/public transit. Teton County’s detailed allocation is available here available here  The remaining 10% is included in the county's general fund and supports services such as public health and safety, human services, general county administration.

County Lodging original 4 - year use plan