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Property Tax Payment Information

Property Tax Notices/Payment, Delinquencies, Exemptions


    • Property tax bills are mailed out the first week of September each year.
    • To pay online, go to www.tetonwyo.org/treas
    • To pay in person, bring tax notice and/or tax parcel number to the Teton County Treasurer`s office, 200 South Willow Street. A payment drop box is also located at this address on the east side of the building.
    • To pay by mail, return payment to P.O. Box 585, Jackson, WY 83001-0585.
    • Please include tax parcel identification number on check(s) or correspondence.
    • Your cancelled check will be your receipt. If a receipt is required, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope.
    • Payment of property taxes, via mail, may be made with check or money order in U.S. exchange only. Payments made in person, may be cash, check, money order or credit card. Note: All credit card charges are subject to a convenience fee. Payment can also be made by credit card or E-Check online at www.tetonwyo.org/treas
    • If check or money order is returned by a financial institution as not being honored, payment will be cancelled without notice to property owner.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If your mortgage payments include payment provisions for taxes, you may wish to verify with your mortgage company its intent to pay.
    • A mandatory fee of $25.00 will be assessed for returned checks.


    • Property taxes for the tax year are delinquent as follows:
      1. 1st Installment - November 10
      2. 2nd Installment - May 10
    • No interest will be assessed upon first installment, if the full year taxes are paid with one installment (one payment) on or before December 31st of the tax year.
    • All payments postmarked or received after delinquent date, must include an 18% interest penalty.


    • If you applied for, and did receive a veteran tax exemption, the amount of credit will be noted under the assessed valuation breakdown.
    • If you wish to participate in property tax deferral program, contact the County Assessor`s office to apply, deadline is on or before June 30 of the tax year.
    • If you are eligible to participate in the property tax refund program, contact the County Treasurer`s office to apply. Application deadline is on or before 1st Monday in June.
    • For information and participation concerning the Tax Refund Program for persons 65 years of age or disabled contact the Wyoming Department of Health or Senior Center of Jackson Hole. Application deadline is on or before August 31st of the tax year.

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Credit Card or E-Check
Phone: (307) 733-4770
Fax: (307) 732-8544

Teton County Treasurer, 200 S Willow, Ste 115
PO Box 585, Jackson, WY 83001-0585
9 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday

Property Tax Refund Program - 5/12/2017 12:00:00 AM
Property Tax Refund Program Discontinued

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